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Ad Rails

woman's hand is holding the rail of the escalator

What is it?

Adrails is an extremely impactful media at highly frequented locations (Airports, Malls, Conventions Centres. Our captive, unavoidable media is catching undivided attention for up to 40 seconds, which results in 60 – 80% brand recall

Asian woman's hand holding the escalator handrail.


Impressive brand recall: During a campaign for Microsoft 91% noticed the ad, 78% recalled the brand. A 3-month survey for Swiss Railways evidenced that more than 80% of the escalator passengers were influenced in their behaviour by Ad rails.



Do you own or operate escalators or moving walkways? Would you like to generate significant revenues with your infrastructure? Ad rails gives you the opportunity to use these so far unproductive structures creating vibrant and attractive media solutions.

The Team

Adrails are a leading UK business for Escalator Handrail Advertising, using cutting edge technology and highly trained professionals.

Facts & Stats

Adrails can support brand recall by over 84%, 79% increase in brand interest and over 70% in message recall.

Great Support

We have an In-House Design Team with dedicated Account Managers and 7-day support.


Adrails can offer corporate branding imaging, promotional and advertising designs, health and safety reinforcement messaging and QR codes.

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