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Ad Rails  is highly consumer-friendly: Bold and attractive colourful designs will excite your customers. Constantly changing layouts provide a fresh look and feel experience. Colourfast, scratch-proof and durable, backed by a 1-month warranty for each application.


Captive Audience

Ad Rails will not only increase your profits with rent – Ad Rails boosts the sales at your site. Apart from the financial benefits, there are several other advantages, exciting you and your customers. Escalators are bottlenecks at highly frequented locations. 30 to 40 seconds of unavoidable attention for your advertisement are the consequence.



Last media before POS: according to a Popai Survey the “instore-decision-rate” is at 76% and rising. With Ad Rails you advertise at the right place at the right time! Implementation of QR codes brings the customer from offline to online.

The Team

Adrails are a leading UK business for Escalator Handrail Advertising, using cutting edge technology and highly trained professionals.

Facts & Stats

Adrails can support brand recall by over 84%, 79% increase in brand interest and over 70% in message recall.

Great Support

We have an In-House Design Team with dedicated Account Managers and 7-day support.


Adrails can offer corporate branding imaging, promotional and advertising designs, health and safety reinforcement messaging and QR codes.

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