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About Us


Planning & Modelling

We work closely with you so that we can fully understand your needs. Our professional in house design team can help you create the ultimate campaign that puts your business in the hands of your customers.


Fast Support

Our professional and highly trained install team and technical services department are always on hand to support you. Either speak to one of our dedicated Account Managers or call us today for further support.


Team Work

Team work is at the core of everything we do to make sure our customers receive the highest quality end product. From our team of install specialists, to our in house design team, our one team approach ensures that we deliver on time, every time.

The Team

Adrails are a leading UK business for Escalator Handrail Advertising, using cutting edge technology and highly trained professionals.

Facts & Stats

Adrails can support brand recall by over 84%, 79% increase in brand interest and over 70% in message recall.

Great Support

We have an In-House Design Team with dedicated Account Managers and 7-day support.


Adrails can offer corporate branding imaging, promotional and advertising designs, health and safety reinforcement messaging and QR codes.

For more information or support please contact us.