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Train Stations

Escalators are used in many train stations to move pedestrian traffic between floors. How efficient are they? Can we optimize their usage? Absolutely! Not only with behavioural influencing of people using them, but with high impact advertising media.



Support the orientation of your customers or direct them with your ads. QR codes, will bring your customers from offline to online (e.g. linking to the map of the location). Direct travellers to there destination, departure gates or executive lounges.


Results Driven

We guarantee that our technology will not harm your handrails or escalators. Installation and removal will be carried out by our certified technicians at the times you prefer (day and night). Developed with the support of Semperit, the world market leading handrail-manufacturer.

The Team

Adrails are a leading UK business for Escalator Handrail Advertising, using cutting edge technology and highly trained professionals.

Facts & Stats

Adrails can support brand recall by over 84%, 79% increase in brand interest and over 70% in message recall.

Great Support

We have an In-House Design Team with dedicated Account Managers and 7-day support.


Adrails can offer corporate branding imaging, promotional and advertising designs, health and safety reinforcement messaging and QR codes.

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